Their Second William Whifler House

Mr. and Mrs. Brown Mc Makin having engaged Whifler for one of his first commissions, returned a few years later wanting more; a larger, grander, wilder Whifler home.  They wanted to own and inhabit a work of art.  The large wooded lot at 1370 Hayne Road, Hillsborough, CA, was set back from the road, it’s driveway required a bridge creek crossing.

The following series of B&W photos were taken by William Whifler soon after the residence was completed.  Along with art, architecture and electronics, photography was also a Whifler passion.

The house had two dramatic reveals.   The exterior with the prow type living room was on display as one circled up the driveway to arrive at the front door.  Past the entrance, a step up into the living room revealed through a courtyard of glass the home’s interior.

The kitchen with its hand stained woods featured an indoor barbeque.

The dining room featured custom wood built-ins including this free standing wet bar.

 Floors were polished concrete, the walls were hand stained natural woods.

The children’s bath looked out onto two small private atriums.  Note the exposed flat roof ceiling is made of 2X3’s laid side to side

At the home’s core was a deck and oak tree courtyard.

All the following color photos were taken around 2004 as the house lay abandoned awaiting a partial tear down and radical makeover.

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