Whifler Family Scrap Book

The following is an assemblage of family snapshots spanning the years 1925 to 1980.

Bill, Jean. Dan, Margaret, and Graeme at Clara Whifler’s “William A Whifler Home.”  Photo by Clara Whifler.

Young William Whifler, c. 1930 in front of the family home on Drake Ave.

William in costume, his mother Clara was a retired stage actress.

In the Navy, WWII.

He had no way to know that in 30 years he’d create an architectural gem for his mother, and that it would rise a few feet away, in the very garden of his childhood home.

William and his Burlingame High School sweetheart, Jean.  Both graduated from Stanford and were married in 1948.

Whifler’s first press coverage, an architectural proposal for a city swimming pool submitted during his tenure with Oscar Thayer, and the announcement of his wedding to Jean.

16mm silent wedding film from 1948, narrated by Jean Whifler 1992.

Graeme Whifler at Whifler Family Home.

The La Salle family home, c. 1952, just after completion and before any landscaping.  The original house was a modest, if not small two bedrooms, one bath, less than 1200 sq. ft.

Family outing in San Francisco with their first son, Graeme.  Photos of the La Salle home before any additions.

A redwood wall lamp Whifler created for the family home.

Jean Whifler stands in front yard of the family La Salle home sometime in the early ‘60’s.  Note the two triangular cement cast planters bottom left; another Whifler creation.

3 1/2 x 7ft. oil on masonite painting by the architect used as a dividing screen in the front entry at La Salle Rd.

Daniel Whifler waiting for his birthday party to begin.

William, Jean, Margaret, Dan.

David & Daniel

Clara Whifler c1973.

Graeme, well dressed photographer.  Photo by William Whifler.

William Whifler ghostly selfie c1980.